The call for distance expert and in-country volunteer positions below was open 23.10.-12.11.2023. Volunteer positions for the Spring 2024 call will be updated to this page 1.4.2024.

Check also general qualifications and competencies for all applicants here.

In-country volunteer positions


What? We are looking for two volunteers (2) to support quality education in refugee and host communities. The volunteers will, for example, train, coach and mentor teachers and other actors in the education sector to strengthen their capacity and pedagogical expertise. The volunteers will strengthen the collaboration between schools and guardians.

Where? Adjumani, Obongi and Yumbe, Northern Uganda

When? 6 months, from September 2024 to February 2025


What? We are looking for one or two (1-2) volunteers to support the inclusive and special needs education in Kenya. The tasks may include mentoring teachers and head teachers and identifying areas for capacity building. The volunteers also support teachers’ peer mentorship activities.

Where? Kenya, Kalobeyei refugee settlement

When? 3 months, from February to April 2024

Palestinian region

What? We are looking for three or four (3-4) volunteers to strengthen the capacity of local teachers and other education sector actors. The volunteers arrange trainings and workshops to local teachers and principals to develop inclusive education. The capacity building needs regarding the vocational education sector are also mapped out.

Where? East Jerusalem and West Bank or via distance

When? 3 months, from February to May 2024

The Teachers without Borders network will organise flights and insurance for the volunteers and reimburse preparation costs, such as travel, visa and vaccinations. A small monthly allowance is paid to cover the local costs during the deployment.

Distance expert and volunteer positions


What? We are looking for two or three (2-3) distance experts to co-design teacher training material on relevant topics such as peace education, inclusive education and psychosocial support. The experts will develop and conduct webinars and support pedagogical mentorship activities for local teachers.

Where? Distance support to Kyiv, Ukraine

When? 2–4 months, between February–May 2024

Ukraine (Global Teacher Prize)

What? We are looking for one to three (1-3) distance experts to plan and conduct a series of online workshops on topics selected by the local teachers as part of the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine. The expert will provide a follow up with the participants and design supportive materials.

Where? Distance support to Kyiv, Ukraine

When? 2–3 months, between January and April 2024


What? We are looking for a distance expert to develop a training material package for teachers. The distance expert will provide distance support through mentoring and training.

Where? Distance support to Kalobeyei in Kenya

When? 3 months, between February-May 2024

TwB experts are paid a small compensation for their work contribution. TwB volunteer positions that require less input are completely on voluntary basis.

Distance positions do not require full time contributing and it is possible to do the tasks along with other work.