The steering committee of Teachers without Borders consists of relevant actors in the Finnish education sector. The steering committee comprises of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Finnish National Board of Education, the Trade Union of Education in Finland (OAJ), Fingo (an umbrella organisation for Finnish Development NGOs), the Church Council, and representation of the TwB volunteers.

The steering committee advises the network to achieve its goals. It also participates in planning and developing the activities of the network.

The steering committee members promote the network’s activities and visibility in stakeholder groups and in their own networks in Finland as well as globally. The members advocate for themes and topics important to the TwB in order to influence decision-makers and employers in the education sector, and make the added value of the TwB volunteer work visible.

The steering committee convenes at least four times a year.

Finn Church Aid is responsible for the operational activities of the network as a whole, including implementation, project management, development, and monitoring both in Finland and in the programme countries.

Members of the steering committee in 2020:

Chair: Hannele Cantell, University of Helsinki

Kati Mikkola, Finnish National Board of Education

Tytti Voutilainen, Finnish National Board of Education

Paula Malan, Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Jenni Arnkil, Trade Union of Education in Finland                       

Anna Kivimäki-Pelluz, Fingo

Jyri Komulainen, Church Council

Annika Nieminen, TwB Volunteer Representation                          

Sara Isotalo, Finn Church Aid

Sabina Bergholm, Finn Church Aid

Suvi Aaltonen, Finn Church Aid

Deputy Members

Sanna Laiho, Finnish National Board of Education

Santeri Suvanto, Finnish National Board of Education

Kaj Raiskio, Trade Union of Education in Finland

Niina Tenhio, Fingo

Hille Janhonen-Abruquah, University of Helsinki

Tuula Vinko, Church Council

Diego Martinez Madrid, TwB Volunteer Representation