Are you interested in strengthening the pedagogical skills of teachers and supporting quality education? Would you like to utilise and develop your professional expertise by engaging in interesting tasks?

A volunteer period is a good opportunity to grow as a professional and learn new skills. When returning to Finland, the volunteers have become more skilled teachers, educators, mentors and communicators.

Kaksi opoa Myanmarista valkoisissa paidoissa katsoo kameraan.

“I recommend this to anyone who is even mildly interested in international experiences or seeing in the field of teaching and education world that is somewhat different.” 

Any professional in the field education who is interested in international experiences may apply to volunteer with Teachers without Borders. Some examples of professionals who are eligible to apply to volunteer are classroom teachers, subject teachers, vocational teachers, early childhood education teachers, headmasters and student counsellors.

Pedagogical competence and work experience provide a sound basis for volunteer service. The specific expertise requirements vary from project to project so there is a demand for various teaching and educational expertise.

We do not pay any salary for volunteer work but the expenses related to the departure process and volunteer work are compensated. We also pay a modest monthly allowance to contribute to the costs of living in the destination country.

Distance experts receive a small compensation for their work contribution. Distance volunteer positions that require less input are completely on a voluntary basis.

“I am especially thankful that got to have glance at the world of humanitarian work and the daily life in the refugee settlements in Uganda. The best part was meeting people and hearing their stories. Every day, every encounter taught me something new.” 

Kolme vapaaehtoista ja KUA:n työntekijä keskustelevat piirissä ugandalaisen koulun pihassa.

20–30 volunteers per year

Neljän ihmisen jalat näkyvät tekstin vieressä, joka on kirjoitettu maahan. Viivan toisella puolella lukee lessons learn ja toiselle puolella lessons taught.

Duration of volunteer period: 3–12 months

Hymyilevä nainen ojentaa esitteen kolmelle tytölle opo-messuilla Kamdodzassa.

Application periods: February-March and October