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A Day’s Work Workday

Would your school like to raise funds for developing education in fragile contexts? By organizing a Workday fundraising event* at your school, you can support getting adequate education with a qualified teacher for the children and young people in developing countries.

Organize a Workday at your school to raise funds for developing the education of young people living in vulnerable situations. By participating in the Workday, students help young people in different parts of the world to get an education with a qualified teacher.

*How does the Workday concept work?

Students will donate their time by working and helping out at local organisations, authorities or companies. The employer will pay a sum in order to compensate the work done by students during the day. The sum will go directly to Teachers without Borders and support the children and young people by improving their education.

Materials for the Workday (in Finnish)

A letter to the parents

Teacher’s “to do” list

Guidelines for the Student Council

If you want to organize a Workday in your school, contact Inka Hopsu: inka.hopsu(at)

SMS donations

You can support our  work by sending an SMS with the text ”Opettaja” (Finnish for ‘teacher’) to the following number: 16499. The price of the text message is 20 euros. By donating you support the development of  education in the most fragile contexts in the world. Teachers without Borders volunteers develop education at Finn Church Aid’s education projects. Have a look at where we work.



These concepts are designed to work in Finland.
If you would like to support us from outside Finland, please contact us.