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Arua, Uganda / SCORE project


The Teachers Without Borders volunteers are supporting the SCORE (Sustainabe Comprehensive Response to Education) project with extended funding through UNICEF Uganda. The project aims to improve capacity of existing education structures to support teacher professional development in the West Nile Region and Kibale.


During the year 2017, TWB have trained Coordination Centre Tutors (CCTs) in Inclusive Education, Positive Discipline, Classroom Management and Learning through Playing. The CCTs have then trained teachers from SCORE schools according to the training materials developed by TWB. TWB have also supported the CCTs in Support Supervision of the teachers by visiting schools together with them.


Volunteers live and work in Arua, West Nile, where FCA has a Field Office. Most of the work takes place in Arua, but the work can include occasional travelling to other districts for trainings and schools visits.



The volunteers also live and work in Adjumani town in the vicinity of the refugee settlement. There are pressing special education issues which include tailoring lessons to benefit children with various disabilities, shortage of specialized teaching and learning materials and lack of teacher support and mentoring.

The Teachers without Borders (TWB) volunteer works closely with local (refugee and national) teachers, building their capacity in special needs pedagogy. This includes individual education and lesson planning and improving the quality of education in primary schools by

Volunteers develop and implement an education strategy to address the rights of children with disabilities to access quality education. This includes:

1. developing and implementing a strategy for teacher support groups for teachers working with Children with disabilities,

2. providing teacher trainings for refugee and government teachers on inclusive teaching practices and special needs education and

3. promoting barrier free environment for learners with special needs in schools within Adjumani refugee settlement.

Results: Teacher Training Package by a Teachers without Borders volunteers. The package is being adapted and tested in our other destinations as well.

Expected outcomes: A strategy to address the rights to quality education for children with disabilities

Field of specialization: Continuing education for teachers, special needs pedagogy

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