Co-teaching: When Teaching Becomes Collaboration

When two teachers take on the activity of co-teaching in order to find ways to make lessons more int...

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Finn Church Aid Organizes Training on Action Research in Eritrea

In the Eritreancontext it might sometimes be challenging to do research for example due to lack of r...

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A Dive into Learning-Centeredness – Speed Dating with Eritrean Teacher Educators

Teacher education is quite naturally a stage where both future teachers and teachers upgrading their...

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Questions and Enthusiasm

The first impression has stuck with me, so it was really a pleasure that our arrival as new voluntee...

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Best Practices and Sharing Information to Ensure Effectiveness and Quality Education

Higher education cooperation between Eritrea and Finland There are six Higher education cooperation...

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Asmara Community College of Education (ACCE) Teacher Ahmanuel Yosief.

Learning Journey

Learning about the Finnish Education System This cooperation resulted in a staff exchange for five ...

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