Teachers without Borders Volunteers

What Do We Do?

The Teachers without Borders Finland network strengthens the education sector in countries around the world and it is part of the Finnish development cooperation.Teachers without Borders’ goals and actions can be seen as a part of Finnish education export.

The aim of the network is to develop the education systems in fragile contexts and to promote global shared responsibility and sustainability in Finland.

We invite all educators to the discussion on finding ways for making a difference.

Become a Volunteer

Have you worked as a teacher or educator in Finland? Have you studied education in Finland? Become a Teacher without Borders!

We invite all educators to develop global citizenship education and to make an impact in their own networks.

We send teachers to volunteer in countries that need support in developing quality of education. There are different types of volunteer positions. You can find more information about the volunteering opportunities and other activities from this network by clicking on the links you can find on the left hand side of the screen.