About Us

What is Teachers without Borders Finland?

The network is coordinated by Finn Church Aid. It is led by a steering group of educational experts. Currently, it is represented by members of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the Finnish National Agency for Education, The Ministry of Education and Culture, Teacher Education Departments in Oulu and Helsinki, the Trade Union of Education in Finland, Kepa ry, the Finnish Ecclesiastical board and Committee for the Future.

Our goals

The network has two goals. Firstly, Teachers without Borders aims to support the pedagogical know-how and quality education of teachers in the world’s most fragile contexts. Our work strengthens the education sector of Finnish development cooperation.

Secondly, we aim to support global citizenship education in Finnish schools by developing and  sharing suitable tools, models, methods and new material for everyday teaching.

We are  a national network of many organisations and education sector stakeholders. The network gives volunteers a chance to act in and support development cooperation.